Hanover - Second Phase of Fighting - June 30, 1863

American Battlefield Trust's map of the Second Phase of Fighting at the Skirmish of Hanover on June 30, 1863

As more Confederate troopers arrived in the vicinity of Hanover, Pennsylvania, Maj. Gen. Jeb Stuart assumed a defensive position to the south of the town in the vicinity of the Keller Farm. Stuart's Horse Artillery rolled into battery, and the Rebel troopers prepared to meet the next Federal move. Stuart not only had to contend with the enemy, but he also had to contend with 150 or so wagons that his troopers captured during their extended raid. 

While Stuart gathered more forces, his Union counterpart, Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick did the same. His troopers first occupied the town, and then like Stuart, Kilpatrick rolled his horse artillery into battery. He, too called on the newly promoted Brig, Gen. George Custer to dismount part of his Michigan brigade and engage with the Confederates. 

As the artillery banged away at one another, Custer's 6th Michigan Cavalry gained the flank of the Confederates, who in turn, disengaged from the battle and eventually moved to the east and north. Having been forced to extend his line of march once more, Stuart would not locate Gen. Robert E. Lee until the afternoon of July 2nd. By that time, the Battle of Gettysburg was well underway. 

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