Antietam | The West Woods | Sep 17, 1862 | 9:00 - 11:30am

Sharpsburg, Md.

Maj. Gen. Joseph Mansfield’s XII Corps plunged through the cornfield and open ground to the south, grinding to a halt with Brig. Gen. George Greene’s division in its front along the turnpike near the Dunker Church. Intense fighting swirled around Greene’s brigade on the edge of the West Woods. Maj. Gen. Edwin Sumner’s II Corps was called forward to press the advantages gained by Hooker and Mansfield. Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick’s division pushed westward into the woods on Greene’s right, losing over half his men in 20 minutes of fierce fighting. His regiments found themselves trapped among the trees with little room to maneuver, and ultimately fell back to the north. Lee met the Union threat by drawing Gen. John G. Walker’s division and other units from Longstreet’s wing to shore up Jackson’s position in the woods. Brig. Gen. William French’s II Corps division struck the Confederate center along the Sunken Road and was beaten back.

Help Restore Three Sites to Their Wartime Appearance

These crucial and necessary restoration projects at Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Harpers Ferry are not only sizeable, but we are required to complete...