Help Restore Battlefields to Their Wartime Appearances

Battlefield Restoration Project Briefing March 2019

Here are the battlefield restoration projects that require the most urgent action, along with their estimated costs. All these projects are on tracts of land currently preserved and owned by the American Battlefield Trust and need to be completed in 2019.

Five Battlefields to be Restored in 2019



Project Description

Estimated Cost

South Mountain, MD Stabilize circa 1838 upland farm house where Gen. Joseph Hooker formed the Union First Corps attack that drove Gen. D.H. Hill’s Confederates from Turner’s Gap. Stabilization of structure will allow the Trust to transfer this 65-acre property to the State of Maryland. 


Cedar Creek, VA


Demolish four modern structures and public pool on a former campground. This site contains the original stone bridge abutments of the Valley Pike bridge over Cedar Creek which witnessed the retreat of Confederate Gen. Jubal Early’s army. Structures must be removed prior to transfer to the National Park Service.


Deep Bottom, VA


Demolish 1930s-era farm house and outbuildings and restore landscape. Property is in disrepair and has been boarded up the past three years.


Waxhaws, SC


Demolish 1940s-era abandoned house and outbuildings on this May 1780 Revolutionary War battlefield. This is the first land remediation the Trust will undertake on a Revolutionary War battlefield.


Richmond, KY Demolish abandoned 1940s-era house on the site of the first battle of the 1862 Kentucky Campaign.



Total Needed





Places We’ve Saved & Restored Before

Battlefield restoration efforts return the hallowed ground to its wartime appearance and integrity. The Trust undertakes several of these projects every year, and they can cost tens of thousands of dollars each, but they are necessary to ensure that these battlefields – these outdoor classrooms – are safe and inspirational for visitors. Please help us continue this vital restoration work today!

Lee's Headquarters at Gettysburg



The Breakthrough at Petersburg



Fleetwood Hill at Brandy Station



First Day at Chancellorsville





I was taken aback by the great work that has been done in Gettysburg over the past several years. I walked the grounds of Robert E. Lee’s Headquarters and felt like I was back in the 1860s. The work that’s been done there is magnificent. I just wanted to thank you for what you do, and look forward to supporting the Trust in the days & years to come.

Joe Monaghan, Charlotte, North Carolina