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Many students have their first experience with American history in a classroom. The educators who make those experiences meaningful have a great honor and responsibility. It is no small feat. These educators must put in countless hours of study and prep time. They must also find ways to convey the subject matter in an engaging and effective manner. They must continuously attend professional development courses themselves. And all of this must be done in the era of diminishing budgets and increasingly stringent educational standards.

Great history teachers make these efforts look easy, as they instill a passion for the past by bringing history to life for each and every one of their students. Their students might not know what goes into each and every lesson, but we know how much hard work it takes.

Why We Started the National Teacher Institute

We established our National Teacher Institute to recognize and support these dedicated professionals. Each year, we bring together K-12 history educators from across the United States for world-class lectures, think-tank sessions, workshops and tours. Through the Institute, educators can connect with like-minded professionals, learn new teaching techniques, and acquire the continuing-education credits required by most states. 

Over the years, we have helped some 2,000 teachers receive the continuing education credits they need and skills that they can take back to the classroom. The educators that we have educated have reached more than 2,000,000 students in classrooms across the United States. Every year, we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers who leave the Institute feeling refreshed and prepared for the upcoming school year. These positive experiences at the National Teacher Institute carry over to become positive experiences in the classroom. Where, teachers spark that love of history in their students.

Why We Need Your Help

Our goal is to provide this opportunity for free—but we can’t do it alone. Will you support history education today by helping a teacher attend the Institute? 

The cost for one teacher to receive those vital continuing education credits—and the knowledge and tools they gain will benefit their current and future students for years to come—starts at just $50. That means for $100 you can make a lasting investment in history education for two classrooms. For $500, you can support 10 classrooms. 

When you contribute to the Teacher Institute, you directly support those who are instructing and inspiring the next generation of citizens, history lovers and preservationists. Please take a moment to make this important investment in our nation’s future today.

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