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For many young people around the United States, the first introduction to the Civil War comes through a teacher. The best teachers engage with their students, instill a passion for the past, and bring history lessons alive in their classroom. Although the most inspiring teachers make it look effortless, we know that the work isn’t easy. Behind each lesson are countless hours of study and prep time, all while managing diminishing budgets and growing time constraints.

This is why we established the National Teacher Institute — a yearly event to bring deserving, dedicated educators together from around the United States and provide them with world-class lectures, workshops, and tours. Through the Teacher Institute, educators can engage with like-minded professionals, learn some of the latest teaching techniques, and acquire continuing-education credits, which are required by most states. Teachers leave the institute refreshed and prepared for the upcoming school year.

This is our opportunity to help those who help our children every day, by providing them with the tools to be better educators.

We at the American Battlefield Trust strive each and every year to provide this enriching event to our teachers free of cost. But we can’t do it alone. Fellow donors and sponsors have pledged to cover the majority of the costs, but we’re asking you to please give today to help fund the remainder. Our goal is to raise $25,000 so teachers can receive exceptional materials and instruction for teaching U.S. history in their classrooms.

For $100, you can sponsor two teachers, who will receive continuing-education credits that many of them will need to teach in the upcoming school year. By giving today, you will help to make a difference for a deserving teacher and help inspire students across America.

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