A fence line and trees in the distance at Hanging Rock Battlefield, Kershaw, SC

Hanging Rock Battlefield, Kershaw, SC

Brian Keeley Photography

Seeking Liberty Trailblazers

They secured our liberty. It’s time for us to honor their legacy.  

Amidst the farms, forests, swamps, mountains, cities and towns of South Carolina, some of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War were fought. Yet too few people today understand the tremendous significance of these places to American independence.

We’ve joined forces with the South Carolina Battleground Trust and the National Park Service to make this right. With the invaluable support of generous modern-day patriots like you, we have already started preserving battleground across the state. Ultimately, we aim to preserve up to 2,500 acres of Revolutionary War battle land in South Carolina.

But preserving the land is only half the battle. To educate the public about this lost chapter of American history, we’re also developing a mobile-based tour and driving route, named The Liberty Trail to recognize the crucial role this history played in securing America’s freedom. The Trail will offer various ways to engage with the stories of Revolutionary South Carolina’s most pivotal people and places, from on-site installations to a virtual scavenger hunt.

This will be no small feat - and we’ll need your help to make it happen. The Trail will require investment in preservation, education and technology. As a supporter of battlefield preservation and American history education, we hope you’ll join this exciting effort. It’s going to take time and dedication, but together we can make revolutionary history.

Please consider becoming a Liberty Trailblazer today with a founding contribution to this visionary new project. Hanging Rock is our first effort that is a part of this vision to build a Revolutionary War experience. Make a gift to save Hanging Rock battlefield today.

Help Blaze the South Carolina Liberty Trail