Three Battlefields Virginia 2017
Douglas Ullman, Jr. / American Battlefield Trust

Save Three Virginia Battlefields

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At Second Manassas, we are adding 167 acres to the more than 200 acres we have already preserved there—and preventing the construction of McMansions on a key piece of hallowed ground. Further south, we have the opportunity to open previously inaccessible battlefield land at North Anna and New Market Heights, both scenes of important action in the 1864 campaigns to take the Confederate capitol in Richmond. 

Virginia was the most fought-over state in America during the Civil War. Between the early clash at Manassas in 1861 to the ultimate fall of Richmond in 1865, more than 120 battles and skirmishes were fought within the borders of the Old Dominion, each of them an important chapter in our nation’s defining conflict. It’s little wonder the Civil War Trust and its supporters have saved more than 24,000 acres of battlefield land in the Commonwealth.

$33.42-to-$1. That’s the matching-fund opportunity I have the honor to write to you about today, and I can tell you that it is one of the largest the Civil War Trust has ever put together.
Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President
Save 3 battlefields




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