Save 7 Battlefields
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Save Seven Battlefields

1,053 Acres in 4 states

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The Civil War touched every American in some way. More Americans fought and died in the Civil War than in any previous American war. It was also waged in nearly every corner of the United States, with military action not only in the heart of the South, but in places as distant as Vermont and Arizona, and many points in between. The Civil War Trust embraces the sprawling nature of the Civil War. We have saved more than 47,000 acres at 120 battlefields in 24 states over 30 years—a remarkable legacy to leave for future generations. 

Today, we have the opportunity to add to that legacy by saving 1,053 acres of hallowed ground at seven battlefields, in four states—Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, and Virginia. The sites are Brice’s Cross Roads, Cedar Creek, Champion Hill, Corinth, Monocacy, Prairie D’Ane, and Second Deep Bottom. This is truly historic land where crucial fighting occurred, much of it adjacent either to ground we have previously saved or to national park properties. And, thanks to a $14-to-$1 match, we can save more than $4.1 million worth of land for $291,500. 

Save Seven Battlefields!

Cedar Creek Square Image
Battle Map
See battle maps showing the seven battlefields (and nine tracts of land) you can now help save.
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