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Join the final charge to save Princeton!

Last year, we embarked on a major effort to save Maxwell’s Field, site of the most decisive moment of the Battle of Princeton. These 15 acres—some of the most historically significant unprotected land in the United States—were valued at $4.1 million. Now, thanks to our members and supporters, we have just $400,000 more to raise before we can call this land saved.

Musket fire cracked sharply in the cold winter air as British and American forces fought there in 1777. The Americans, who had initiated the battle, were now on their heels, fleeing before a fierce British counterattack. General Hugh Mercer was felled, shot and bayonetted by the Redcoats. A morning that had started with such promise seemed to be on the verge of disaster. At that moment, a figure on a white horse appeared. George Washington had arrived—with reinforcements. Rallying his retreating soldiers, Washington personally led them in a charge that routed the British, turning the tide of the battle and breathing new life into the Patriot cause.

Help us save the ground where Washington saved the American Revolution. Save Princeton!

A critical portion of the Princeton battlefield — site of George Washington’s charge that turned the tide of the Revolution — spared from destruction in an unprecedented agreement seven months ago!  Now, I ask you to join the charge to preserve this irreplaceable American treasure forever!
Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust president
Help Raise Final $400,000 to Save this Battlefield




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