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Of the Battle of Hanging Rock, noted 19th-century historian Lyman Draper later wrote that "Cornwallis was heard to say that no battle fell heavier on the British, considering the numbers engaged, the Battle of Bunker Hill excepted."

Yet too many of us have never heard of this pivotal event in the Revolutionary War. Reflecting on the struggle for American independence we may think of Concord and Lexington, when in fact military operations in the Southern Colonies were just as critical to the course and outcome of the war as those in New England.

The Trust is joining forces with the South Carolina Battleground Trust and the National Park Service to right this wrong. Thanks to the invaluable support of generous modern-day patriots like you, we have already started preserving battleground across the state, including at Hanging Rock.

Located on the road between Camden and Charlotte, Hanging Rock is one of 15 battlefields selected for the first phase of the Liberty Trail, a mobile-based tour and driving route that will use cutting-edge technology to connect and tell the stories of the most important battlefields of South Carolina. The 2.4 acres we hope to save are in the footprint of the Patriot attack that began the battle. Despite some initial challenges, the Patriots took the British outpost by surprise and inflicted four times as many casualties as they suffered before withdrawing. Hanging Rock was considered a Patriot victory and served to further embolden resistance against the British. It was an important step toward ultimate American independence.

To make this preservation vision a reality, one of our dedicated donors has agreed to match all gifts up to $5,000. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to become a trailblazer for South Carolina Revolutionary history education and preservation. Please make a tax-deductible gift to preserve Hanging Rock today.

Save 2.4 Acres at Hanging Rock




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