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Save 317 Acres at Five Civil War Battlefields

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As a new year rapidly approaches, we have a big goal for 2018. Right now, we have the chance to save 317 acres at 5 Civil War battlefields in 4 states!

The total value of the tracts at stake is $4,460,280, which would be a very hefty lift for our organization. Fortunately, generous public and private matching funds will allow us to save all 317 acres for just $136,222. That means every $1.00 you can commit today will be multiplied into $32.74. 

The land we hope to save in this campaign includes tracts at Fort Blakely in Alabama, where we can save 59 acres, 6 acres at Wilson’s Creek in Missouri, 201 acres at Rappahannock Station in Virginia and 51 acres combined at Averasboro and Bentonville in North Carolina. The first of the battles fought on these tracts was at Wilson’s Creek just four months after the Civil War began. The last was fought at Bentonville a month before the war effectively ended at Appomattox Court House.

What each of these 317 acres has in common is its rightful place in a complex picture that helps us to understand of one of the most significant conflicts in our nation’s history.

Every student of history should have the chance to walk these battlefields and know what happened there.

Please consider making your most generous gift today to help us raise the $136,222 we need to secure these critical tracts. 


Want to learn more about the history at stake with these 317 acres? Here are some resources to get you started. 

“[W]ith every dollar you give in support of this mission, and every acre of hallowed ground that you save… you are creating a better nation, a better future, and ultimately a better world for yourself and those you care about.”
Jim Lighthizer, American Battlefield Trust president
Save 317 Acres at Five Civil War Battlefields
Battle of Rappahannock Station Square
Battle Map
See battle maps showing the five battlefields you can now help save.
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