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At the American Battlefield Trust, we don’t just acquire historic land. It is our desire to restore it to its original condition.

This process requires painstaking research to determine the appearance of these hallowed landscapes when soldiers struggled there. We utilize wartime photographs, maps, and primary sources to determine the contours of the land and which structures were present at the time of the battle.

Throughout these projects, we have repaired historic structures, such as Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg, and torn down non-historic ones, such as a residence near the “Railroad Redoubt” at Vicksburg. We also work to recreate the tree lines and topography that was present at the time of the battle, so visitors can experience the same vantage points and physical scenery that the soldiers did.

This restoration process is transformative. With the help of our supporters, we've saved land at sacred places such as Gettysburg, Brandy Station, and Vicksburg and developed it into outdoor classrooms, adding interpretive signs and walking trails for visitors to experience the battle. Doing all of this properly requires time, hard work, and money.

The work is worth the effort. When you step onto a battlefield, understanding the landscape is crucial to understanding the history. Our restoration work is a critical step in the process.

Today, we’re asking you to help support this vital work. Two generous donors have already agreed to fund a large portion of the costs, leaving us with $118,000 to raise.

These are sacred spots. Please give today and help us properly honor they who fought there.

The Trust undertakes several of these projects every year, and they can cost tens of thousands of dollars each, but they are necessary to ensure that these battlefields – these outdoor classrooms – are safe and inspirational for visitors.
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