Help Restore Battlefields

Right now, five separate battlefield properties are in dire need of restoration efforts. Your support is needed to transform this hallowed ground to its wartime appearance so visitors can safely view the same landscapes the soldiers did when they struggled there.

The Background

At the American Battlefield Trust, we do not just acquire historic land. We believe it is also our duty, whenever possible, to restore it to its wartime appearance and condition. That’s when these battlefields truly fulfill their destinies to become outdoor classrooms where people can visit and learn what really happened there.

Doing all of this the right way requires time, hard work, and money. Our team conducts painstaking research to determine the appearance of these hallowed landscapes at the time of the battle. We utilize wartime photographs, maps, and primary sources to determine the contours of the land and which structures were present.

Throughout these projects, we have repaired historic structures, such as Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg, and torn down non-historic ones, such as a residence on Fleetwood Hill at Brandy Station. We also work to recreate the tree lines and topography that existed at the time of the battle, at places like the Breakthrough at Petersburg, where we timbered and replanted native grasses on 160 acres.

The work is worth the effort. When you step onto a battlefield, understanding the landscape is crucial to understanding the history. Our restoration efforts are a critical step in the preservation process. And if we don’t do it, nobody else will.

The result is transformative. Adding interpretive signs and walking trails allows visitors to experience the history exactly where it was made. With the help of supporters like you, we are able not only to save sacred hallowed ground, but also transform the land into a place for learning and reflection.

The Opportunity

You can help support this vital work at five battlefields where our dedicated members have already saved land from development. It was a tremendous feat to secure these spaces, but our work at these properties is only half-finished.

Supporting this restoration effort will help remove buildings (many of which are dangerous or abandoned) and interpret these places and the stories that they hold. Restoring these properties to their wartime appearance will give people the powerful experience of seeing land as the soldiers did during the Civil War and the Revolutionary War.

Please make your gift today to help us properly honor those who fought here.

The Trust undertakes several of these projects every year, and they can cost tens of thousands of dollars each, but they are necessary to ensure that these battlefields – these outdoor classrooms – are safe and inspirational for visitors.