Vast clouds fill the sky at Chickamauga Battlefield, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

Vast clouds fill the sky at Chickamauga Battlefield, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

Randall Pennington

Help Fund Our Upcoming Western Theater Video Tour

Send us packing for Georgia!

We plan to begin this Spring with a trip through Georgia — from Lookout Mountain to Atlanta!  

Along the way we’ll visit and show you some of the land you have helped us to preserve at Resaca, Chickamauga, Rocky Face Ridge and elsewhere.

And as always, we will meet special guests, secure access to restricted and rarely seen places and “work” hard at our labor of love to bring you as much content as possible. 

If we can raise $17,000 to fund the trip by March 15, our education team will travel at the end of the month though Georgia.  

The Background 

We love the Western Theater. In fact, we have shot and posted more than 100 Western Theater videos on three trips to West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

We started these trips in 2020 and with the positive support we’ve received from our members, and we plan to keep them coming! But only if we can raise the proper funds.

With your help, we’ll do even more in the West!

Kristopher White, our Deputy Director for Education, Dr. Chris Mackowski of Emerging Civil War, and I plan to cover a broad area of operations, if we can raise the $17,000 to fund the trip by March 15.

If we can raise the proper funds, we’ll go even more video-crazy in the west! With your help, we’ll visit:  

  • Kennesaw Mountain 

  • Chattanooga 

  • Resaca 

  • Tunnel Hill 

  • Ringgold 

  • Chickamauga (where we also hope to shoot a full virtual guided tour!) 

  • Dallas 

  • Atlanta History Center 

  • And even show you some of the Peach Tree Creek and other Civil War Atlanta sites, thought to be long gone 

  • And more!

We’ll include the most special experiences we can arrange, and make sure these videos keep coming! In short, we’ll go crazy, shooting as much as we can at as many places as we can. And with incredibly knowledgeable guests such as A. Wilson Greene, Jim Ogden, Dave Powell, Keith Bohannon, Gordon Jones, Charlie Crawford, Anthony Hodges, and others, we will have some differing opinions and expertise—fighting, photos, folklore, artifacts, and more.

As a special BONUS, anyone who donates will receive a link to an exclusive video from the field—we won’t post this anywhere else—once we get to Georgia, perfect for any fan of U.S. history.

Please make your most generous gift today to help us raise the $17,000 needed to bring the Western Theater Battlefield at Georgia experience online.

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