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In the summer of 1776, Colonial patriots and politicians gathered at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia and endeavored to become something more: Americans. 

On July 4, the 13 original colonies proclaimed their independence from Great Britain and reinvigorated an American Revolution that would change the course of history. But securing that independence was neither quick nor easy; the American Revolution raged for eight long years, pitting neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother from the mountains of New England to the woodlands of Georgia. Today, we ask you to join us in honoring the legacy of these first Americans by helping to preserve the battlegrounds where the Revolution was won. 

Commemorate Independence Day this year by joining Campaign 1776, with its mission to preserve the battlefields of the American Revolution and War of 1812. For just $17.76, you can join the fight to save our nation's history, including a one-year membership to Campaign 1776, along with four issues of our award-winning magazine, Hallowed Ground. 

Due to the numerous responses received from history enthusiasts like yourself, we have decided to extend this special introductory offer. Your donation can now be matched through July 31 by generous anonymous donors — so your $17.76 actually becomes more than $35.00 set aside to preserve our nation’s history.

Do something Revolutionary this July, and donate just $17.76 to help protect the hallowed ground where America was founded.


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