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Noel Kline

Frequent Visitor for Saving Gettysburg Day One Battlefield

The Gettysburg Battlefield is one of the most recognized historic sites in America.  In July 1863, amidst its rolling hills and rocky fields, two great armies clashed to determine the future of the United States.  A few months later, President Abraham Lincoln’s iconic address proclaimed the nation’s new birth of freedom.  As frequent visitors to Gettysburg we know how important it is to speak out in favor of protecting such a national treasure. This is hallowed ground – but for such a historic landscape to long endure, those who have come to appreciate them must safeguard and protect them.

Imagine if the next time you visit the July 1 portion of Gettysburg National Military Park, you had to contend with a large apartment complex, bustling traffic and the noise and lights of a busy suburban community. A proposal now before Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors would allow a 112-unit, multi-building, multi-story apartment rental complex off Country Club Lane. This large project would loom over the adjacent portion of the park, known historically as the Emmanuel Harmon Farm. Its 2011 preservation came through the work of many allied organizations, including the Trust, but this proposal would diminish that impact.

We invite you to join us in respectfully raising objections to Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors about this concerning development proposal.

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