Father and son / lith. & published by J.H. Bufford, c1863. / Library of Congress

This Father’s Day, Honor Dad By Saving a Battlefield

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Was there a father in your life who helped inspire your love of history? Maybe it was your dad, your great uncle, a teacher, or that wise veteran who lived next door. Maybe he told you stories, gave you a treasured book, or took you to your first battlefield. Whomever you’re picturing, you can be sure he would understand the value of preserving the hallowed grounds that define our history.

This Father’s Day, honor that father by making a donation to save a battlefield or support a history educator. Then choose one of our e-cards to share your gift with the father you’re honoring or his family!


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Father's Day Ecard Assortment

Donate where the need is greatest, or select from the following opportunities:


Gettysburg Plank Farm Square

Save Gettysburg

Save 143 acres at the most famous battlefield of the Civil War. The land currently at stake was known as the Plank Farm. Soldiers from each side tread these 143 acres on all three days of battle, and one of the largest Confederate field hospitals in Gettysburg was based here.

Teacher Institute 2019 Appeal Square
Douglas Ullman, Jr.

Support the Teacher Institute

For many young people around the United States, the first introduction to American history comes through a teacher. Help raise funds so teachers can receive exceptional materials and instruction for teaching youth in their classrooms.

Shiloh and South Mountain Square

Save Shiloh and South Mountain

Save 73 key acres at two 1862 Civil War battlefields. Shiloh and South Mountain represent different theaters of the war, but they share the distinction of having played an important part in shaping the history of the U.S.

2 Carolinas Appeal Square
H. Charles McBarron

Save Revolutionary War History in the Carolinas

Preserve 31 acres of Revolutionary War battlefield land in South Carolina. Tell the story of America’s first citizen soldiers by saving this key piece of American history at Hanging Rock in South Carolina and Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina.


Donate Now in Honor or Memory