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Abraham Lincoln in Richmond with Mike Gorman

Walking Level: Moderate. Approximately 3 miles of total walking and standing in a city setting.

Description: In the waning days of the Civil War, the Confederate capital of Richmond fell to Union forces. On April 4th, two days after Confederate forces evacuated Richmond, President Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad visited the still smoldering ruins of the South's former Capital. Join National Park Service historian Mike Gorman for this walking tour through Richmond, as he retraces the steps of Lincoln, in the final weeks of the American Civil War. 


Civil War Artillery Photo Extravaganza with Garry Adelman

Walking Level: N/A

Description: From the first shots in Charleston Harbor to the massive salutes that signaled the war’s end, artillery played a crucial role throughout the Civil War and the “long arm” continues to fascinate students, buffs, and engineers, alike, Join historian Garry Adelman for a wide-ranging, indoor presentation that endeavors to cover the people, places and technology that renders artillery a topic of endless fascination.  From massed and masked battalions to river and fortress batteries to the terrible human consequence of cannons, and to the tubes seen on battlefields today Adelman will endeavor to cover it all for novices and experts alike. Hang onto your hats—he will cover the practical and the emotional sides in an energetic manner available nowhere else!  


A City of Hospitals and Prisons with Nathan Hall

Walking Level: Moderate. Approximately 3 miles of total walking and standing in a city setting.

Description: Richmond was the political, social, and manufacturing hub for the Southern Confederacy. The city, too, was the target of numerous Federal offensives. As the war drug on, the city absorbed refugees, wounded soldiers, and prisoners of war. Join National Park Historian Nathan Hall for a visit to some of the most famous sites associated with wartime Richmond—the former sites of Libby Prison, the Chimborazo Hospital site, and the Belle Isle Prison. 


The Last Resting Place of Presidents, Politicians, and Generals: Hollywood Cemetery with the Staff of Hollywood Cemetery

Walking Level: Moderate. Approximately 1.5 miles on hilly and rolling terrain. 

Description: Hollywood Cemetery was designed in 1847 as a “rural” style garden cemetery to escape the grid-like monotony of city cemeteries. Today, Hollywood Cemetery is the final resting place for many notable people; where they honor and commemorate the lives and contributions of these individuals. The influences of presidents, generals, soldiers, Supreme Court Justices, governors, and others can still be felt today throughout the Richmond region, the nation, and the world. Join the staff of Hollywood Cemetery as they explore the life and times of some of Richmond's most prominent figures.