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Park Day @ Smith Tract Williamsburg, VA

Upcoming Event
Saturday, April 15, 2023 @ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

1379 Government Road and 1221 Penniman Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185

For More Information
Meeting place
We will ask volunteers to gather from 0830 to 0900 at the Griffin-Yeates Center 1490 Government Rd. There is plenty of free parking available and the Smith Tract is right across the street. Breakfast refreshments and bottled water will be available for volunteers. At 0900 a short briefing will be given on the purpose of the Smith Tract Park Day and an emphasis placed on safety precautions. Trash bags will be available to volunteers to remove roadside trash.
Planned Activities
For Park Day 2023, volunteers will be asked to remove roadside trash that has accumulated over the past year. Since the Smith Tract is bounded by three roads with high traffic volume, trash tends to build up along the roadways. Secondly, volunteers will be asked to remove small brush and small saplings from the roadside area. This clearing will help promote visibility into the interior of the property and discourage relic hunters from searching the property. All cuttings will be placed into the property interior.
History or Educational Activities
A member of the Williamsburg Battlefield Association will offer a short presentation on the Battle of Williamsburg which occurred on May 5,1862. As core battlefield property, the Smith Tract's role in the battle will also be discussed.
Should I bring any tools or supplies?
Yes, volunteers should bring gloves and should wear sturdy footwear. To perform the roadside clearing, volunteers can bring hedge trimming tools, hand trimmers, branch loppers and small landscape saws.
Is there a rain date?
In the instance of inclement weather, Park Day will be moved to the following Saturday, April 2022 from 0900 to Noon.
Please note
The success of this event is always exclusively the result of enthusiastic volunteers. The Williamsburg Battlefield Association looks forward to meeting and working with our volunteers and wish to express that their support and time is sincerely appreciated in maintaining this historic property.

Accessibility considerations

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