Civil War  |  Park Day Volunteer Opportunity

Park Day @ Bulltown Historic Area - Burnsville Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers

Upcoming Event
Saturday, June 17, 2023 @ 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT

1183 Bulltown Campground Road
Mailing address: 2550 South Main Street, Burnsville WV 26335
Napier, WV 26631

For More Information
Meeting place
Meeting Place: Musuem at the Bulltown Historic Area at 9:00 AM
Planned Activities
We will be cleaning up the grounds of the Historic Area and Battlefield
History or Educational Activities
Tours of the Area and Battle Fields
Should I bring any tools or supplies?
Is there a rain date?
In the instance of inclement weather, Park Day will continue as planned.
Please note
Please contact the area if you will be commuting in for the event, in case something has to be changed.

Accessibility considerations

Does the site have accessible parking?
Does the site have accessible bathrooms?
Are there activities planned for those with disabilities?
Can the site accommodate a wheelchair, scooter, or walker?
Does your site offer accessible facilities?:

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