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Park Day Volunteer Opportunity

Park Day @ Princeton Battlefield Society

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Saturday, March 31, 2018
500 Mercer Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Join this site as a volunteer on Park Day 2018, the American Battlefield Trust's annual hands-on event to help battlefields and historic sites take on maintenance projects large and small. Share your photos and experiences on social media with #ParkDay2018 to highlight the battlefield preservation community. Learn more at


Meeting place: Clarke House, 500 Mercer Street, Princeton NJ 08648

Meeting time: 1:00

Planned Activities: Clearing Brush, Trail Mainenance

Planned Low-Impact Activities: We will need volunteers to move bamboo into stacks for removal.

Bring Tools & Supplies: Bring your own clippers, and trimmers. PBS is not responsible for lost tools.

History or Educational Programs: Along with spring clean up, we will present a talk on the Battle of Princeton, the Ten Crucial Days and 2018 events of the Princeton Battlefield Society.

Food provided: Yes, water only

In the Event of Inclement Weather: 7-Apr-18

Please note: We ask the volunteers please visit and register for our 2018 Princeton Battlefield Society/Sierra Club NJ Chapter/Civil War Trust Spring Clean Up! We look forward to seeing you and we will have lots of fun!


Roger Williams

(609) 389-5657