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Civil War
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Fort Washington and the Civil War

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National Park Service (Civil War Defenses of Washington)
March 14, 2020
Fort Washington Park
13551 Fort Washington Rd
Fort Washington, MD 20744

Join the National Park Service for an exploration of historic Fort Washington.

Washington D.C. was virtually defenseless in the lead-up to the American Civil War. Only one fortification existed to protect the Federal capital: Fort Washington. Situated along the Potomac River in Maryland, the fort was lightly garrisoned during the war.

The special program will guide visitors through the fort and outerworks, including a special emphasis on the design features and construction post-War of 1812.

The program will begin outside the Fort Washington Park Visitor Center.

Park Ranger Steve T. Phan
National Park Service (Civil War Defenses of Washington)
(202) 829-4650