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A Civil War Photo Extravaganza

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October 15, 2020

The CWRT Congress proudly presents a new series of Civil War lectures called Historian Thursdays. These lectures are both entertaining and inspiring. We will see you in the zoom lecture hall!!

Garry Adelman has been delivering Civil War photography presentations for more than two decades. He says, “…I'm already excited to deliver this coming Zoom-based Civil War Photo Extravaganza! Join us for a lively discussion on this fascinating topic. As you likely know, the Civil War was the first war to be extensively photographed, making it the first time in history that the public was exposed to real-life images of the gruesome toll of battle. Today, the use of these photographs to better understand, restore and preserve battlefields has become its own field of study. During this event, he will use then-and-now techniques and examine photographic details buried deep inside the images to tell the story of the Civil War in a format you aren't likely to experience anywhere else. He will also work to bust myths about period photos and will labor to convince viewers that photographers of the past were way ahead of us in many ways.