Lynn Light Heller

The Civil War at Gettysburg

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American Battlefield Trust Event
July 1-3, 2019
Live on Facebook and YouTube

Experience numerous facets of the Civil War at the 156th Battle of Gettysburg anniversary commemoration with the American Battlefield Trust, where we will be online to help you share—virtually—in this meaningful event!

On July 1-3 we will be broadcasting live on Facebook and on YouTube from the battlefield and town with special guests, Civil War artifacts, and access to rarely-visited sites. Whether you are a Civil War novice or a full-on Gettysburg nerd, expect to learn things you didn’t know before. We promise you plenty of cool experiences, great energy and lots of fascinating history, culminating with a quiz at the end!

We have invited a slew of special guests including Wayne Motts, Carol Reardon, Chris Gwinn, Pete Miele, Tim Smith, Chris Mackowski, Doug Douds, Trust staff and others to be in the hot seats on the first day’s field, Cemetery Hill, Stevens Knoll and elsewhere.  Times and topics are subject to digital connectivity, but look for us on our Facebook and YouTube pages throughout July 1 and 2 and on the morning of July 3 for a big, live history quiz!

The last two years we delved deep into Gettysburg. This year, we’ll use Gettysburg as a backdrop to zoom out and cover general Civil War topics galore!

Topics include:

  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Presidents and the Civil War
  • Civilians 
  • Commanders
  • Photography
  • The Greatest Attacks
  • And more!

And to see last year's Gettysburg 156 live videos, click here.

To be clear, this is a virtual event—please do not come to the battlefield for these live broadcasts—just enjoy them on your computer, phone or tablet!  There, you can ask questions, post comments, and maybe even get a live shout-out from the Trust!