Annual Conference 2018
Rob Shenk / American Battlefield Trust

Thursday Color Bearer Dinner

Annual Conference: May 30–June 3, 2018

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The Color Bearers are invited to join us Thursday evening for a special reception and dinner with guest speaker A. Wilson Green.

Thursday Dinner (6:30 – 9:00 p.m.)

A Perfect Hell of Blood: Confederates at the Battle of the Crater
with A. Wilson Green

Description: The Campaign for Petersburg lasted 292 days but without a doubt the best known of those days was July 30, 1864.  On that Saturday the Union army ignited 8,000 pounds of powder beneath a Confederate fort, destroying it along with more than 300 Rebel soldiers.  The attacks that followed failed, due in part to the determined defense of the surviving Southerners. Greene's talk will focus on the performance of the Confederate troops at the Crater, with particular emphasis on the counterattacks launched by elements of William Mahone's Division, the unprecedented atrocities they committed against the United States Colored Troops engaged in the battle, and the rationale behind this infamous episode.