Annual Conference 2019 Lexington Hero
Christopher A. Kierkus

Fees & Registration

Annual Conference: May 29–June 2, 2019

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Anyone is welcome to register for the Annual Conference!


Register as Division CB or higher 

Pricing & Details

Conference Registration Fee includes tours, tour guides, motor coaches, conference program, name tags, breakfast, lunch, and a Saturday Banquet. Fee does not include hotel registration; attendees must make their own reservations.  

Standard Online Registration

$615 per person - Online registration, rate before February 18

$650 per person - Online registration, rate after February 18

Phone and Mail-In Registration

$620 per person - Rate before February 15

$655 per person - Rate after February 15

Cancellation Fees

After March 29 — We apologize, but no refunds after this date

Events Team
American BattlefieldTrust
(800) 298-7878 x7229