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155th Chickamauga & Chattanooga Battlefield Live on Facebook

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American Battlefield Trust Event
September 18-20, 2018
Join us live via the American Battlefield Trust’s Facebook page

Some have dubbed the Battle of Chickamauga the "Gettysburg of the West." The Confederate Army of Tennessee grappled with its perennial enemy, the Federal Army of the Cumberland, from Sept. 18 through 20, 1863. After three days of hellacious fighting, Chickamauga stood as the bloodiest battle in the Western Theater. And in the end, it proved to be a Pyrrhic victory for the South that ultimately led to the "death-knell of the Confederacy" at Chattanooga—and the rise of Ulysses S. Grant to overall Union command.  

Join us Sept. 18th, 19th and 20th, live on Facebook and YouTube for all of the highlights of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns. We will bring you live, via our Facebook page, to Reed's Bridge, Brown's Ferry, Snodgrass Hill, Lookout Mountain, and to all of the campaign high points in between. Join some of the field's leading historians for stories, surprises, and a lot of fun. Learn more about the vital campaigns that closed the bloody season of 1863 and opened the "Gateway to the Deep South" in 1864.

If you miss the live event, don't worry, you can always watch the program afterwards on our Facebook page or in the "Battlefield Live" playlist on our YouTube page.


Battlefield Live Events; times and locations are subject to change and internet connectivity


Tuesday, September 18:

  • Reed's Bridge
  • Wilder Brigade Monument
  • Alexander's Bridge

​Wednesday, September 19:

  • Snodgrass Hill and Horseshoe Ridge 
  • Brotherton Cabin and Field
  • Winfrey Field
  • Viniard House and Field

Thursday, September 20:

  • Chattanooga National Cemetery
  • Brown's Ferry
  • Cravens House
  • Point Park
  • Orchard Knob
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